Why HyperQuality? Eight Reasons

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8 Good Reasons to Use HyperQuality

Different companies use HyperQuality for different reasons. Which of these might be yours?

  1. You want to become EvenBetter™

    You know your people and processes are not perfect. You want to improve, and you’re open to new ideas. HyperQuality has a proven track record of helping contact center professionals become EvenBetter™.
  2. You want to receive value.

    You want more quality without spending more — and maybe even spending less. HyperQuality's daily evaluations of every agent result in improvements with a daily impact on your bottom line.
  3. You want to get real, statistically speaking.

    You currently evaluate very little of the communication between your customers and your agents, probably not enough to constitute a scientific sampling. When HyperQuality evaluates every agent every day, your QA metrics become statistically valid.
  4. You want a better return on investment.

    You want to lower average handle time, increase up-sells or cross-sells, or change some other aspect of your contact center. HyperQuality can design a program that will help you attain the return you seek.
  5. Improve the return on your technology investment.

    You've invested in systems for recording contact center communications, but you lack the resources to evaluate effectively. HyperQuality's contact center quality monitoring services can enhance the return on your technology investment.
  6. You wonder about the value of an outside auditor.

    You have questions, concerns, perhaps even doubts about your QA statistics. As an independent third party quality monitoring firm, HyperQuality’s objectivity ensures that your in-house agents accept evaluations as accurate while ensuring that your outsourcers are equally accountable.
  7. You want to make it happen.

    You’ve spent time, money and effort putting together a program to monitor and evaluate agents, but evaluations are simply not getting done consistently... or at all. HyperQuality brings the people, the energy, and the commitment to perform agent evaluations on schedule.
  8. You want a partner with experience.

    You admit you don't know everything there is to know about evaluating contact center agents. You'd appreciate some good advice and hands-on help. The professionals at HyperQuality have years of experience designing and implementing contact center QA programs. We evaluate thousands of agents every day. And we can help design and implement an evaluation program that will drive improvement in the performance of your agents.