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The Benefits of Leveraging an Objective Quality Evaluation and Business Process Outsourcing Partner:

  1. More monitoring = statistically valid data.

    Most companies have the resources available to monitor just 2-5 calls per month. To achieve statistically valid results, companies must monitor more. Unfortunately, increased monitoring is time consuming and costly for most. Leveraging a partner such as HyperQuality allows for more monitoring, more valid data and brings objectivity to the process.
  2. Objective evaluations.

    Rather than rely on internal QA monitors, who may have friends among the agents they are monitoring, outsourced monitors provide objectivity. The staff HyperQuality dedicates to a client program provides unbiased scores for each and every agent evaluated.
  3. Keep your best agents on the phone.

    Often, companies promote their best agents to QA, thereby negatively affecting available call center staffing. As a result, their QA scores tend to decrease. HyperQuality ensures that your best agents remain on the phone, doing what they do best for your business.
  4. Consistent evaluations across multiple locations.

    Companies with multiple contact centers can ensure consistent evaluations across all centers. With a dedicated team monitoring and evaluating your agents, you'll be able to fairly and accurately compare results, whether your contact center is in the Midwest or offshore. In addition, monitoring and evaluations are calibrated with your own results, so you can be assured that your agents' scores are accurate, just as if you performed them yourself.
  5. Substantial cost savings.

    The uses of near-shore or off-shore labor results in significantly lower cost-per-call-monitored.
  6. Timely and consistent evaluations.

    A dedicated team focused solely on your company's call monitoring ensures that evaluations are performed in a timely, consistent manner, rather than relegating the QA process to an "as available" staffing activity.
  7. Quality results and reporting available to entire enterprise.

    No more spreadsheets. You can streamline your entire organization leveraging our in-the-cloud solution that supports reporting, evaluation, calibration, and audit of customer interactions and even escalations by agents.
  8. Dedicated analyst.

    Imagine the possibilities of having a dedicated analyst that reviews the quality results daily and delivers clear-cut business intelligence that you can ACT ON to Improve your Bottom Line.
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