Benefits by Job Function
Quality Best Practices and Expertise
HyperQuality thoroughly understands all aspects of quality and customer service and can help reengineer any quality program.
In-depth View for Greater Understanding
Regular agent evaluations and customer surveys give you the data you need to understand your current situation and how to improve.
Helpful Data Analytics
Web-based reports via ClearMetrix provide the data and analysis you need to make impactful business decisions.
Increased Revenue and Reduced Costs
All of HyperQuality's services focus on improving the metrics that are important to you. We'll help you make big impacts in your cost and revenue structure. In fact, we've found that a $1 investment in quality yields a $6+ ROI.
How can HyperQuality help a
Customer Service SVP?

Meet Joyce.

Joyce was hired as the SVP of Customer Service for one of the fastest growing wireless companies in the US.  The company was growing quickly but was struggling with retaining customers.  The company decided that they must focus on providing a quality customer service experience as one method to improving their customer retention.

When Joyce joined the team, she realized she had a lot of work ahead of her.  The company was listed as #5 for customer service (the lowest of all their competitors).  The contact center didn’t have a recording solution or a quality program and didn’t have the metrics they needed to make improvements.  Joyce knew that she didn’t have the expertise or the bandwidth to pull this off alone.

After evaluating the leading call center quality companies and consultants, Joyce hired HyperQuality.  To start with, HyperQuality’s Business Process Analysis group consulted with Joyce to understand her issues and goals.  The Business Process Analysis group helped Joyce build a plan to reengineer her quality program.

As a first step, HyperQuality’s team helped Joyce evaluate several call recording companies and choose the best fit for her team.  Then, they did a Customer Blueprint survey which helped develop her quality evaluation form and customer survey questionnaires. 

Once the quality program was redefined and launched, HyperQuality evaluated each agent’s performance daily.  They also administered customer satisfaction surveys.  The evaluations allowed the company to determine if the agents were following policies and procedures.  The surveys allowed the company to determine what the customer thought of the customer service interaction.  By combining both of these data sources, HyperQuality provided the wireless company with a 360 degree view of the quality experience.

The data and analytics provided by HyperQuality allowed the company to make smart, sound business decisions to improve the customer experience.  In just three years, the company went from 5th to 1st place in the industry.  Joyce was recognized as one of the leaders to move the company to the leading wireless company in the world.

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