Benefits by Job Function
Customer Insight
HyperQuality’s reports are extremely valuable for every department in the company and the product group is no exception.  Your customers can provide you with a wealth of information to help you develop better products that better meet their needs.
Improved Products
By listening to customer interactions, you can quickly learn any flaws in your products and make adjustments to improve future product releases.
How can HyperQuality help a
Product Director?

Meet Chad.

Chad was recently hired by one of the leading technology companies in the world to develop a new video game system.   There were several issues with their previous systems and the company wanted him to develop the newest and hottest video game console on the market so they could surpass the competition next holiday season.  Unfortunately, the company hadn’t documented all of the flaws reported in the previous systems and Chad didn’t have the information he needed to be successful.

After further investigation, Chad learned that the company’s call center used HyperQuality to evaluate their call center quality.  Hundreds of thousands of customer interactions were recorded and archived.  If Chad could somehow get access to those calls and analyze the interactions related to product dissatisfaction, he’d have most of the information he needed.

Chad engaged in a special project with HyperQuality to review customer interactions related to product quality for the previous game systems.  HyperQuality provided him with a statistically relevant and detailed analysis on what customers enjoyed about the previous consoles and what they would like to see improved.

Chad became an active participant with HyperQuality receiving regular reports and listening to relevant calls related to his areas.  Over the next couple of years, Chad released a video console that was unlike any other on the market.  And with his pulse on the customer, he has been able to continue that success with product upgrades and new game ideas.

HyperQuality Benefits for other JOB FUNCTIONS