Benefits by Job Function
Customer Insight
HyperQuality’s reports are extremely valuable for every department in the company and marketing is no exception.  Your customers can provide you with a wealth of information to help you develop better marketing programs and promotions that better meet their needs.
Improved Marketing Programs
By listening to customer interactions, you can quickly learn any flaws in your marketing programs and make adjustments to improve your campaigns.
Customer Retention
It’s proven that a quality customer service experience directly impacts customer retention.  With the extreme cost of acquiring new customers, HyperQuality will help you retain your existing customers by ensuring your call center is providing them with the best service possible.
How can HyperQuality help a
Marketing Director?

Meet Janet.

Janet led the marketing department of this large wireless provider and was constantly looking for ways to retain her current customers and acquire new customers.  Janet’s team developed a new promotional offer for new clients and was excited about the potential new business.

After the launch of the new promotion, sales were dismal. With such a strong offer, she didn’t understand why the campaign had backfired.

Janet engaged with HyperQuality to listen to sales calls so she could understand what was happening with the promotion. She quickly learned that new clients misunderstood the fine print on the offer and felt like the company was trying to mislead them.

Based on this information Janet was able to quickly gather from HyperQuality, she was able to correct her promotional messaging and help the call center agents better handle the inquiries.

In the end, the new promotion turned out to be a huge success.

HyperQuality Benefits to other job functions