Benefits by Job Function
Little IT Involvement
HyperQuality’s ClearMetrix solution is SaaS-based and requires very little IT involvement.  The software is hosted and maintained by HyperQuality.
Software You Can Trust
ClearMetrix is built on the .NET platform and was developed by some of the leading software developers from Microsoft  - some of whom developed programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and MSN.  The sophisticated database rivals some of the largest CRM software solutions on the market today.  This software will grow with you.
No Large Upfront Investment
Since ClearMetrix is a hosted software solution, you pay a monthly user-fee and avoid those large up front software purchases and maintenance plans.
How can HyperQuality help the
IT Group?

Meet Stewart.

Stewart ran the IT department for a mid-sized catalog retailer.  His company had three call centers and he was responsible for all of the computer equipment and software used in the call centers.  It was an enormous responsibility as there always seemed to be something going down.  He currently had projects and implementations that were booked nearly 12 months out.

Stewarts call center quality director requested a quality evaluation software solution that could take the recording from all three of their different recording solutions and bring them into one location for analysis.  Stewart wasn’t even sure when he could get it slotted into his schedule and frankly just wished they could make do with what they already had.  The daily “fires” alone kept him busy.

Stewart searched on Google and found HyperQuality and their ClearMetrix software.  He learned that ClearMetrix was compatible with every recording solution on the market today and there would be minimal IT involvement since ClearMetrix is a web-based software solution hosted by HyperQuality.  After talking with the company briefly, he also learned that they could take recordings from all of the vendors and unify the reports, just like his team needed.  After a few reference calls, Stewart felt confident that this solution would work for them.

Stewart provided his research to his call center quality director who was extremely pleased that there was a solution Stewart approved that she could implement herself.

HyperQuality has been up and running now for over a year and while Stewart if not any less busy, this is one solution he hasn’t had to spend much time on which he and his quality manager were happy about!

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