Benefits by Job Function
Quality Best Practices and Expertise
HyperQuality thoroughly understands all aspects of quality and customer service and can help reengineer any quality program.
In-depth View for Greater Understanding
Regular agent evaluations and customer surveys give you the data you need to understand your current situation and how to improve.
Helpful Data Analytics
Web-based reports via ClearMetrix provide the data and analysis you need to make impactful business decisions.
Increased Revenue and Reduced Costs
All of HyperQuality’s services focus on improving the metrics that are important to you.  We’ll help you make big impacts in your cost and revenue structure.  In fact, we’ve found that a $1 investment in quality yields a $6+ ROI.
How can HyperQuality help the
Executive Team – from the CFO to the CEO

Meet Benjamin.

Benjamin (Ben) had been the CEO of this growing travel company for five years.  Margins had been fairly healthy and they were growing nicely.  The trademark of their service was “Put the Customer First”.  It was very important to Ben that his customers were treated extremely well whether they interacted with them via the phone, email, chat or even at the airport.  Over the past two years, Ben noticed that the call center costs were going through the roof.  His agents were taking longer to handle the same type of calls, customers had to call back in repeatedly for the same issue and agents were leaving in record numbers.

Ben didn’t know what was going on but needed a resolution quickly.  They couldn’t afford to lose any customers and he knew they weren’t providing a great customer experience.  In fact, they were starting to see their CSAT numbers go down.

Ben asked his management team for an analysis but they just didn’t have the capability to diagnose the problem.  Ben’s Vice President of Customer Service brought him a solution – HyperQuality.  They didn’t have the expertise in house and HyperQuality had helped dozens of other companies uncover issues and reengineer their programs.  The Vice President also explained that HyperQuality’s main purpose was to help reduce costs and increase revenue – which would definitely help improve those margins.

After careful consideration, Ben hired HyperQuality for just a three-month pilot program.  He wasn’t convinced that they could really help him.  In those first 90 days, HyperQuality found a problem with the call script that saved the company nearly $900,000 a year in talk time.  They helped improve the first call resolution too.  And though it was still too early to tell, the agents seemed happier.

Over time, HyperQuality helped turn their call center around and they were performing even better than they had years before.

HyperQuality Benefits for other JOB FUNCTIONS