Benefits by Job Function
More Evaluations for Statically Valid Sample Size
HyperQuality provides more quality evaluations than most companies are able to handle internally – for the same or less than you are paying today.  That means you can trust the data you are reviewing and can confidently build training programs that will meet the needs of your agents.
Clear Picture of Training Needs
HyperQuality’s ClearMetrix reports will give you a clear understanding of where your agents are struggling and which agents need additional training.  You can develop programs that are pertinent for each agent.
Reduced Cost of Training Program
HyperQuality’s ClearMetrix reports give your agents the ability to “self-teach”. They can access their evaluations daily and reviews areas for improvement.  The software also links to your Just in Time Training Tips so they can learn through the software.  This program has proven to reduce the time new agents need to get up to speed and tenured agents need for additional training.
How can HyperQuality help a
Contact Center Training Manager?

Meet Trisha.

Trisha was the Call Center Training Manager for a call center with 4,000 agents.  She was responsible for determining where agents needed the most training and for developing training programs to help agents improve.

With 4,000 agents and minimal evaluation data (about 2 evaluations per agent per month), Trisha didn’t have a lot to go on.  So, she developed a standard training curriculum that each and every agent would go through on a regular basis.  The training program covered common areas of struggle for agents.

Trisha often got complaints from agents and supervisors alike.  Agents complained because they were in a training session for a topic that they weren’t struggling with.  Supervisors complained because they needed their agents on the phone.  The training program cost the company a lot in agent down-time and productivity.

Trisha’s company brought on HyperQuality to primarily help improve their customer satisfaction.  After Trisha spent time exploring the reports in ClearMetrix, she realized how valuable they would be in helping her with her training programs. Trisha was able to sort by call attribute to pull together groups of agents who were all struggling in the same area.  Now she could provide relevant training to call center agents while keeping agents who didn’t need the extra training on the phone.

HyperQuality allowed Trisha to save costs on training and to keep the down-time to a minimum.

HyperQuality Benefits for other JOB FUNCTIONS