Benefits by Job Function
Time Savings
HyperQuality does the heavy-lifting of data collection and evaluation so you can spend more time coaching and training your agents.   Your agents also have access to ClearMetrix so they can review their own scores and feedback for improvement.  You also have time to get back on the phones during heavy call volume times and help out with other creative projects.
Agent Buy-in
Your agents will be satisfied with their scores and will no longer feel like you are playing favorites.  You’ll have the ability to build strong working relationships with all of your agents and to work together to help them improve based on HyperQuality’s feedback.
Less Stress
With the weight of all the data collection and evaluations off your shoulder, you have more time to coach your agents.  And because agents are satisfied with the quality program, you have less unsatisfied employees to deal with.  Your work load will finally be manageable.
Easily Accessible Data
HyperQuality’s web-based reporting tool, ClearMetrix, puts all of the data you need at your fingertips.  You’ll have the information you need to make sound decisions and all of the reports you are required to provide to upper management will be a snap.
How can HyperQuality help a
Contact Center Supervisor?

Meet Barb.

After two years working as a call center agent at one of the world’s largest phone companies, Barb was promoted to Call Center Supervisor.  She was excited to move into this leadership role where she would monitor and evaluate phone calls and coach the more junior call center agents.

Quickly after moving into her new position, Barb was overwhelmed.  She led a team of 18 agents and was responsible for listening and evaluating 5-7 calls per agent per month.  She was also responsible for coaching each of the agents at least twice each week.  With the fluctuation in call volume, Barb was routinely asked to get back on the phones to assist customers.  She was unable to keep up on her job and found herself cramming in evaluations at the end of the month.

Barb also felt lonely and isolated in her new job.  Her friends, who were still agents, didn’t agree with her scores and felt she was playing favorites.  This job definitely wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

About 6 months into the job, Barb’s manager hired and implemented HyperQuality.  HyperQuality’s call center consultants listened and evaluated all of the calls. They did all of the heavy lifting of data collection and evaluation. 

All of the evaluation data was stored in ClearMetrix, an easy-to-use Web based reporting tool.  Barb could go in daily, view reports and spend more time coaching the agents who needed it the most. With this third party team evaluating the calls, Barb’s agents felt their scores were fair and Barb was able to effectively coach them.  She was also available to get back on the phones when needed and was no longer overwhelmed.

HyperQuality’s third party evaluation service helped Barb become a successful coach and satisfied employee.

HyperQuality Benefits for other JOB FUNCTIONS