Benefits by Job Function
Regular Feedback
HyperQuality provides more quality evaluations per agent per month than most companies can feasibly handle internally.  In fact, our recommendation is one evaluation per agent per day!  That means that you will receive regular feedback on your performance, validating what you are doing really well and where you can improve.
Unbiased Feedback
Since HyperQuality is a third-party partner, you can be sure your evaluations are being handled fairly and all agents are being treated equally.  Together with your supervisor, you can develop plans to help you improve in your weaker areas.
Easy to Understand Reports
HyperQuality’s ClearMetrix software solution allows you to easily navigate to review your results.  You can listen to your evaluated call and view the detailed evaluation.  You can even challenge a score if you’re not in agreement.
How can HyperQuality help a
Contact Center Agent?

Meet John.

John joined a leading catalog retailer as a call center agent.  He was in his second year of college and needed a part-time job to earn a little extra cash to support his social life.  John thought being a call center agent would be low stress and easy.  How hard could it really be?

After two weeks on the job, John was ready to quit.  He was required to sell a certain quota per day, had to say specific things to every customer just right and couldn’t talk too long.  To top it all off, at the end of his second week, he was yelled at for 10 minutes because he was “doing it all wrong”.  This was the first time he even knew he wasn’t doing a good job.

As time went on, John was frustrated over the lack of feedback he received on his performance.  Policies seemed to change quickly and he didn’t know how he was doing for several weeks.  Plus another agent he worked closely with was recently promoted to his Supervisor making it really awkward for both of them.

Just when John was ready to throw in the towel, the Call Center Manager at his site implemented a tool called ClearMetrix.  John could come in every morning and log-in to ClearMetrix before he got started for the day.  He could listen to a call that was evaluated from the day before and read about the things he did really well and also if there were any areas where he could become EvenBetter.  John loved the new tool.  Now, John could take control of his own improvements.  He was constantly reviewing his results and taking the needed steps to improve.

John went from an unhappy agent who was ready to quit, to a happy and productive employee who cared about the quality of his work.

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