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Call Center Quality Metrics & Management

Statistically Valid Sample Size
HyperQuality provides more quality evaluations than most companies are able to handle internally – for the same or less than you are paying today.  That means you can trust that your reports are accurate and you are making decisions based on fact.
Objective Scores
By trusting your quality evaluations to a third-party, unbiased partner, your agents will buy into your quality program and start making drastic improvements.
Time Savings
Most quality managers spend 80% of their time listening and evaluating calls and just 20% on other tasks to help their agents improve.  With HyperQuality, your quality team will spend most of their time with performing those other valuable tasks that keep your center in top performance.
Easily Accessible Data
HyperQuality’s web-based reporting tool, ClearMetrix, puts all of the data you need at your fingertips.  You’ll have the information you need to make sound decisions from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Call Center Cost Reduction

All of HyperQuality’s services focus on improving the metrics that are important to you.  We’ll help you make big impacts in your cost and revenue structure.  In fact, we’ve found that a $1 investment in quality yields a $6+ ROI.
How can HyperQuality help a
Call Center Quality Director/Manager?

Meet Leslie.

Leslie was promoted to Quality Manager for a large utility company after working as a supervisor for seven years.  She was excited about her new position and would have new challenges and responsibilities that she was looking forward to.

In Leslie’s new role, she was responsible for making sure that the calls were being recorded and that they were getting the required number of recordings for each agent.  Her team of 10 listened and evaluated between 2-4 calls per agent per month.  She was also responsible for ensuring that internal SLAs were being met.

Leslie was also required to attend business-wide meetings where she had to report on business intelligence that related to performance, call in rate analysis and CSAT – and had to raise any red flags that she was seeing in the business. 

Leslie’s team also provided quality tips and a quality newsletter to help the agents improve in areas where they were struggling.

Leslie’s group was doing quite well and the company saw huge performance improvements under her program.  They had even won their first customer service award.  A few years into the job business starting slipping.  Leslie was required to cut several hundred thousand dollars out of her quality program.  She was concerned that the service they would provide to their customers would start to slip and didn’t want to lose all the traction she had gained.

Leslie had heard that companies were starting to outsource their QA function but it hadn’t really interested her before.  But now that she was going to have to cut out so much cost from the group, she looked into it deeper.  That’s when she found HyperQuality.  They were able to fill that gap for nearly half the cost of her existing team.  And, when her budget was increased again a few years later, Leslie was able to increase the number of evaluations to 2-4 per week!

HyperQuality helped Leslie but listening and providing the quality evaluations.  This time savings alone allowed Leslie to manage the rest of her tasks. HyperQuality’s ClearMetrix reporting solution also gave Leslie all of the data and analytics she needed for her management meetings.  In fact, she was able to report in much more detail and with much more credibility using the new reporting solution.

Leslie was relieved to have found HyperQuality and considers them a true partner.  She couldn’t imagine going back to a fully internal team again.

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