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Recording Calls is not enough: How quality is reported makes a big difference – in customer satisfaction and ROI
Recording calls to monitor and evaluate agent performance is just one step in the quality process. HyperQuality proves that how those recordings are scored and reported can make a huge difference in actual customer service results, and in how your investment in recording and reporting pays off. Comparing your recording vendor's quality module with HyperQuality's ClearMetrix software solution is a classic apples-and-oranges scenario–choose the solution that best meets your company's needs.
Secrets to building a customer-driven service platform
A truly customer-driven service platform allows a company to place a dollar value on customer satisfaction, thus enabling management to tie financial results to customer satisfaction and employee performance. The keys to building a strong customer-driven service platform include collecting and managing the right customer and employee satisfaction data, including call monitoring data and customer and employee survey results, daily internal metrics and then using a variety of advanced analytics and predictive modeling techniques to bring everything together to track and predict the success of business and marketing efforts.

For many companies, with the growth of scalable monitoring and quality companies like HyperQuality, it makes sense to outsource some or all of the process of developing a successful quality program and building a robust customer-driven service strategy. The results can have a dramatic impact on brand loyalty, day-to-day marketing efforts and the long-term bottom line.

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