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Call Monitoring Helps Fitness Equipment Manufacturer Put Muscle Into Customer Care, Sales Efforts
As with most successful companies, a major fitness equipment manufacturer puts a premium on continuous improvement. Towards that end, the company frequently performs fitness “check-ups” on its various internal operations. And although the majority of these operations are the picture of health, the company did uncover one area that required some attention: the call center operations.
Use the power of call monitoring to improve customer service — no matter what.
Customer contact executives know that call quality monitoring and the coaching of call center agents is one of the best ways to improve a call center. A relocation company with five call center locations and 500 agents wanted to find a partner to increase call monitoring, assist with improving customer service, identify ways to prevent order cancellations, create third-party objectivity to produce data to manage partner relationships, and garner additional intelligence from their customer interactions. Sound impossible? Not hardly!