Customer Satisfaction Surveys through Phone Surveys, Email Surveys &  Post Call Surveys

Retaining existing customers is more important than ever. HyperQuality helps some of the world’s largest companies retain their clientele by deploying customer surveys after phone, chat and email communications. These survey results can then be used to improve overall customer satisfaction and enhance the customer service experience. Through an efficient and effective call center quality program, you can improve your customer satisfaction and other key quality metrics that will lower your costs and your average handle time. HyperQuality provides quality monitoring, surveys & software analytics to improve customer service and your bottom line.


Are you wondering how satisfied your customers feel? Ask them! With HyperSurvey, brief telephone and email surveys let your customers tell you what they think of your company’s telephone, email or chat communication.

Additionally, HyperQuality evaluates and audits telephone, email and chat communications and reports the scores and detailed feedback to managers, supervisors and individual agents via an easy-to-use online reporting system. With this invaluable feedback, your call center agents and managers can make decisions to improve your organization.

  • Flexible Data Collection: IVR, Email, Phone
  • Customized - Employee and Customer Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • ESI/MESI Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Retention Surveys
  • BDI/CSI/MSI Brand Loyalty Surveys
  • Other Surveys
  • Open-ended Customer Feedback
  • Sophisticated Reports and Analysis
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Reports for Agents, Supervisors and Managers

Why Our Surveys?

  • Customized Surveys - We develop surveys that suit your needs. As your needs change, surveys can be revised quickly and easily.
  • Sophisticated Reporting and Analysis.
  • Results tied to individual agents, supervisors and managers.
  • Flexibility - Our survey flexibility begins with your choice of data collection, including IVR, email, chat, outbound calls or a combination of methods. Report flexibility includes reports for agents, supervisors and managers, which can be further customized by date, campaign, contact center, communications vehicle, C-SAT scores, procedural scores and more.



“In our first year with HyperQuality, we increased marketing revenue nearly $500,000 and reduced our training costs. The ROI on this program is outstanding.”

Manager - Customer Care, Alaska Airlines

“In just three weeks, we reduced agent handle time by 1.13 minutes. This program is at a 13x ROI.”

Corporate Director, Carlson
Leisure Travel Services

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