Business Process Analysis for Call Center Process Improvement
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Benefits Of Business Process Analysis

Are you measuring everything but still not seeing improvement? It might be time to do an analysis of your quality process or strategy.

Your call center agents provide top levels of customer service to your loyal customers. And line of business owners, executives and call center managers must keep their fingers on the pulse of service by doing frequent reviews of the entire process to ensure every step aligns with your quality goals. Over time, it’s not unusual for metrics, goals and strategies to get out of alignment.

HyperQuality’s certified professionals, including ASQ-certified Six Sigma black belts, help you identify and align contact center management efforts, agent performance scores and customer satisfaction (CSAT) using a structured, data-driven methodology. Without accurate data and this crucial insight, performance is measured for performance’s sake, with no data to improve ROI.

If you’re charged with cutting call center costs, saving time or showing improvement against goals, let our team of Six Sigma consultants review your processes and provide you with a detailed analysis and plan for improvement. Imagine having at your fingertips:
Customer Service Strategy
  Design a customer service strategy that complements your marketing and operations strategy, with positive results for your bottom line.
Call Center Performance Improvement
  Improve your call center’s overall performance and close the quality gap between internal and partner sites or between on-shore and off-shore sites.

Sales Effectiveness
  Learn the what, where, why and how of your company’s sales performance and the tactical steps needed for improvement.
Link Service Performance to Internal Metrics and Financial Performance
  Build a comprehensive analytical platform to quantify the impact of improved customer service on your internal metrics, financial performance and brand loyalty.

Marketing, Post-Launch, Offer Design Testing and Analytics
  Ensure you capture all the key elements of a successful market test before your company tests a new product, price change or marketing offers.
Call Flow and Talk Time Analytics
  Analyze your calls and measure the effectiveness of individual call elements. Redesign call flow to achieve your desired outcomes

Comprehensive Complaint/Comment Analytics
  Get a detailed look at customer complaints and comments and learn how to differentiate between “nice to have” changes vs. “need to have” changes.
Facilitate Monthly Executive Advocacy Meetings
  Pull all the monitoring and survey data into one monthly meeting, enabling your management team to truly understand operational specifics of calls and/or chat sessions.
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