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New Software Provides Unmatched Process Automation and Analysis of Contact Center Quality

SEATTLE, November 29, 2010 – Today HyperQuality, Inc. released ClearMetrix 2.0, the newly enhanced version of its award-winning contact center quality assurance workflow software that enables companies to gain unparalleled customer experience insight across both internal and outsourced customer service centers. ClearMetrix 2.0 offers unrivaled root cause analysis, end to end quality process reporting, ease-of-use, and Software as a Service cost reduction, making it the industry’s most comprehensive platform for quality assurance process automation and customer intelligence.

Unlike other tools which are limited to monitoring only their own proprietary call recordings, ClearMetrix 2.0 from HyperQuality allows for complete centralized analysis of all recorded customer interactions on any vendor’s recording platform, anywhere in the world, allowing businesses to have a unified view of customer experience. Additionally, the new version makes ClearMetrix 2.0 one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use tools available today.

“Meaningful customer experience insight is one of the most sought-after business intelligence demands today,” said Chris Coles, president and CEO of HyperQuality. “In this competitive global economy, every enterprise in every industry – from financial services to telecom – is seeking a way to gain a competitive edge in order to acquire and retain customers. Today, most contact centers rely on manual homegrown or limited off-the-shelf tools to analyze the trends within the millions of customer calls they receive annually. ClearMetrix 2.0 changes the ballgame.”

HyperQuality’s ClearMetrix 2.0 hosted, web-based Software as a Service has more than 40 new features targeted to solve critical customer service issues. Highlights include:

  • Enterprise wide root cause analysis capability from near real time access to consolidated quality assurance    data 

  • Replacement of fragmented processes and manual tools with end to end quality process automation

  • A refined and complete picture of quality and business metrics through a robust set of configurable reports

  • Flexibility and recording vendor independence enabled by self-serve call registration for instant evaluation    access anywhere in the world

  • Extension of evaluation, calibration and audit capabilities to any authorized personnel in any location with    internet access

  • Enabling sophisticated quality strategies through Form Design Studio which supports a wide range of scoring    methodologies and flexible structures including conditional logic, weights, penalties, caps, bonuses, floors,    auto failures, and non-scorable attributes.

  • Software such as ClearMetrix 2.0 is the type of next-generation contact center intelligence software that industry analysts and contact center managers are extolling. For instance, in its March, 2010 report, Real-Time Analytics for Contact Centers, Forrester Research stated, ”Although contact centers and customer support managers collect data on their agents' performance, too little information is known about what their customers are experiencing during an interaction…With the ability to easily track and understand customer issues, you can respond faster to customer problems and correct issues that lower customer satisfaction and negatively affect overall performance.”

    HyperQuality is known for its industry-leading monitoring and evaluation services. In fact, the company has performed more than eight million evaluations of customer interactions for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. With ClearMetrix 2.0, the company provides a complete end-to-end solution – from software to monitoring to Business Process Analysis – for businesses seeking to better understand their customer experience.

    To learn more about ClearMetrix 2.0 from HyperQuality, please visit or email to schedule a demonstration.

    About HyperQuality, Inc.

    Founded in 2003, HyperQuality ( is the leading provider of third-party quality assurance and business intelligence for contact centers. With a strong focus on call center operations, the company evaluates millions of interactions annually between contact center agents and customers and, using advanced analytics, generates actionable feedback to drive performance improvement.

    Ultimately, HyperQuality helps companies – including some of the most well-known brands in the technology, telecommunications, travel, retail, financial services, education and utility industries - improve the quality and effectiveness of their customer interactions. HyperQuality provides quality evaluations, ClearMetrix, the industry’s first quality assurance Software as a Service workflow platform, Customer Surveys and Business Process Analysis.

    HyperQuality is a global business with corporate headquarters at One Convention Place, 701 Pike Street, Suite 1560, Seattle WA 98101. For more information, call (206) 283-7119 or visit

    Media Contact:
    Claire Mylott
    Four Corners Communications for HyperQuality

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