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SEATTLE (November 16, 2009) —Seattle-based HyperQuality, Inc. has signed a new agreement with WildBlue Communications to monitor, evaluate and track customer service calls for quality. The agreement underscores WildBlue’s commitment to providing the best possible service at all times to its broadband satellite subscribers.

HyperQuality will listen to WildBlue’s customer service calls and evaluate them for a variety of quality measurements, such as whether customer needs are met on the first call, agents are providing all necessary details to customers, and Internet package options are clearly explained. As HyperQuality evaluates calls, it tracks trends over time, allowing WildBlue to identify areas for improvement. HyperQuality also provides tailored coaching and advice for WildBlue’s customer service agents, ensuring that they are always striving to improve customer service, meet expectations and deliver the most premier experience to all WildBlue’s customers.

“HyperQuality gives us an unbiased, third-party assessment of how we’re taking care of our customers,” said Tom Glavan, Vice President of Customer Care for WildBlue. “We continuously strive for enhancements, improvements and innovation that will keep WildBlue at the top of the industry. Our relationship with HyperQuality is one example of that. This agreement is excellent for our business because we’ll be able to apply their call monitoring and measurement tools to boost our customer satisfaction.”

HyperQuality’s metrics don’t just evaluate customer satisfaction, but instead they dig into the precise elements of customer interactions to determine exactly where a break-down may occur. As HyperQuality gathers data over time, it is possible for clients to determine how customer service becomes a critical business function that directly affects the company’s revenue goals.

“The broadband Internet market is highly competitive, meaning that service is a critical differentiator for virtually all providers, “said Chris Coles, president and CEO, HyperQuality. “Our analytics enable companies like WildBlue to determine how quality service can affect business results, including acquiring and retaining customers.”

The agreement between HyperQuality and WildBlue began in October, 2009. Call monitoring and evaluations begin in November, 2009. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

About HyperQuality, Inc.

Founded in 2003, HyperQuality ( is the leading provider of third-party quality assurance and business intelligence for contact centers. With a strong focus on call center operations, the company evaluates millions of interactions annually between contact center agents and customers and, using advanced analytics, generates actionable feedback to drive performance improvement.

Ultimately, HyperQuality helps companies – including some of the most well-known names in the travel, retail, financial services, education and utility industries - improve the quality and effectiveness of their customer interactions. In addition to quality evaluations, HyperQuality collects, evaluates and analyzes other forms of customer data, including customer and employee surveys; shopping experiences and marketing programs.

HyperQuality is a global business with corporate headquarters at One Convention Place, 701 Pike Street, Suite 1560, Seattle WA 98101. For more information, call (206) 283-7119 or visit

About WildBlue

WildBlue Communications, Inc. was established to provide broadband access to consumers and small offices in rural areas and small cities. WildBlue Communication's high-speed satellite broadband service is easy to use, reliable, always on, and significantly faster than standard dial-up service.  It opens up a window to a world of rich content that is largely unavailable through dial-up service and is accessible in areas traditionally unserved by cable modem or DSL service. Service is available in the continental United States. For more information visit

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