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Clearmetrix: Workflow Automation

Streamline Quality Assurance
ClearMetrix streamlines your entire Quality Assurance organization by providing a single, in the cloud solution that supports reporting, evaluation, calibration, audit, and even escalation of interactions.

One-stop-shop visibility
ClearMetrix is the single place to view all your customer interactions and gain insight into improving customer experience, revenue, and productivity all beginning with customized forms designed to measure important drivers for your business.

Evaluating customer interactions
ClearMetrix allows you to evaluate interactions based on your custom forms. Because attribute guidelines are incorporated into each form, anyone using ClearMetrix - from the executive to agent - has insight into the criteria necessary to achieve the best possible quality scores.

Calibrate in the cloud
Simplify your calibration process with ClearMetrix and gain efficiency with more focused calibration sessions and automated reporting on the results.

Eliminate manual processes with ClearMetrix escalations
Because an agent may not always agree with how an interaction was scored, ClearMetrix also provides support for the entire escalation workflow process and robust reporting to track the results.

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