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Business Process Analysis for Call Center Process Improvement
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Quality Evaluation Services Three
Comprehensive, cost-effective quality monitoring for all your customer contacts.
HyperQuality staff listen to your calls and read your emails or chats, then we thoroughly evaluate them, providing immediate and actionable feedback to each customer care agent via the industry's leading web-based reporting software, ClearMetrix.
  bullets One monitored call, email or chat session for each agent every 8 hours.
  bullets Daily feedback and ranking for every agent, team lead and manager.
  bullets Trend lines for additional training to be EvenBetter™.
  bullets Data and analysis for team leads and managers.
  bullets Profile ranking of your agents.
  bullets Individual Agent Scorecard.
  bullets Storage of voice recordings and historical quality results.
Defined parameters that evaluate applicable skills: Core, Soft, Selling, Technical, Cultural, etc.
  bullets Transaction based independent feedback
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