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Success Stories Of Business Process Analysis
E-mail Surveys Help "HEAR" Customer's Voice, Improve Customer Service
Becoming the nation's preeminent broadband provider and maintaining that position - involves much more than technological acumen. It also requires a focused commitment to superior customer service. Bringing superior broadband technology to customers is half the equation; quickly and efficiently resolving any problems that occur either with the product or the people who install it is the other. Towards that end, the company decided to engage the services of HyperQuality, the premier contact center quality assurance firm. The company was already relying on HyperQuality to monitor the performance of its customer contact centers, with excellent results. The company was intrigued by HyperQuality's newest offering, HyperSurvey, which helps companies gain insight into customer attitudes and perceptions as a way to improve their customer service.
Do the parameters on your quality assurance forms provide insight into the true customer experience?
A 60 Billion dollar credit card and loan provider company was seeking to improve their customer experience for their contact center in the US. HyperQuality's project was aimed at understanding the factors which drive the customer experience, to see if the existing attributes were able to gauge customer satisfaction levels and create an evaluation form capable of capturing the true Customer Experience.
Increase sales conversion rates through better probing and rebuttals
Benchmark Brands is an integrated direct-to-consumer retailer and is dedicated to serving the lifestyle and healthcare needs of its customers. Interested in realizing a higher sales potential, Benchmark Brands asked HyperQuality to assess their contact center operations and identify the sales effectiveness of the sales force. The results identified opportunities designed to improve the overall sales conversion rate.
Detailed process mapping helps to reduce handle times and costs
With over 3.5 billion dollars of revenue, a US based company operating one of the largest communications and internet backbones in the world was seeking to reduce costs for their IT help desk and gain visibility into contract negotiations with vendors. HyperQuality designed a program to understand call and ticket volume contributors and created a detailed process map identifying the demand drivers and existing workflows - all resulting in a significant annual savings and a reduction in ticket cost to the company.
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