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Business Process Analysis for Call Center Process Improvement
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Business Process Analysis Services

Call Center Analytics & Process Improvement

No matter what type or size of your business, HyperQuality offers Business Process Analysis that can help you achieve excellence in all aspects of customer experience, employee satisfaction and sales performance of your call center.
Evaluate or Design Customer Service Strategy – HyperQuality's call center analysis helps you design a customer service strategy that complements your marketing and operations strategy, with positive results for your bottom line.
Call Center Performance Improvement – HyperQuality will help improve your call center's overall performance and close the quality gap between internal and partner sites or between on-shore and off-shore sites.
Improve Sales Effectiveness – Discover why your company's sales numbers may not improve at the same rate as your quality numbers – and learn the what, where, how and why of your company's sales performance.
Link Service Performance to Internal Metric and Financial Performance – HyperQuality can build a comprehensive analytical platform to quantify the impact of improvement of customer service on your internal metrics, financial performance and brand loyalty.
Marketing, Post-Launch, Offer Design Testing & Analytics – Before your company tests a new product, price changes or marketing offers, HyperQuality can help ensure you capture all the key elements of a successful market test.
Call Flow & Talk Time Analytics – HyperQuality will analyze your calls and measure the effectiveness of individual call elements, and can redesign call flow to achieve your desired outcomes.
Comprehensive Complaint/Comment Analytics – Get a detailed look at customer complaints and comments and learn how to differentiate between changes that would be "nice to have" vs. those you "need to have."
Facilitate Monthly Executive Advocacy Meetings – HyperQuality can help your executive management team to truly understand operational specifics of calls and/or chat sessions – and their true impact on business success by pulling all the monitoring and survey data into one monthly meeting.

Put the power of Customer Service Benchmarking to work for your business

HyperQuality's customer service benchmarking uses a Universal form, methodology of common measurement attributes which has been prepared based on extensive research on the transactional CSAT data for various Fortune 500 companies. Data captured (through extensive call listening) on this form helps us understand where your business stands in terms of customer experience in comparison to others – and we provide the data in easy to comprehend methodologies.
  bullets Comparison of customer experience within and between industries and lines of businesses
  bullets Comparison of drivers of customer experience within and between industries and lines of businesses
  bullets Identification and prioritization of areas of improvement
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