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Business Process Analysis for Call Center Process Improvement
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Benefits Of Business Process Analysis

Contact Center Process Improvement

HyperQuality's focus on managing the customer experience puts your customer experience data to work through structured evaluation methodology.

Our professionals help you make the connection between contact center management efforts, agent performance scores and customer satisfaction (CSAT). Without this crucial connection, performance is measured for performance sake, with no data to improve ROI.

Use data to improve your contact center's performance:

HyperQuality's structured data driven methodology improves various performance metrics of any contact center, including:
  bullets Call Time
  bullets Call Handle Time
  bullets First Contact Resolution
  bullets Ultimate Contact Resolution
  bullets Agent Utilization
  bullets Improvement in Process Output
bullets Sales Enhancement (Increase, Upsells, Cross Sells)
bullets Retention Improvement (Repeat Customers, Loyalty)
bullets Customer Experience
bullets Employee Experience
HyperQuality's commitment to our clients includes:
  bullets Meaningful ROI—often a return that is 10x the investment (or more)!
  bullets ROI-Driven Solutions
  bullets Maximization of top line revenue
  bullets Improvement of bottom line savings and margin
  bullets Improvement of customer experience (CSAT)
  bullets Improvement of employee experience (ESAT)
  bullets Structured methodology for scalability
  bullets Data Driven Approach
  bullets Time-bound and goal-oriented execution
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