Frequently Asked Questions

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What does HyperQuality do?

HyperQuality is an independent quality assurance firm that delivers ROI through: improved customer contacts which help retain and acquire customers; excellence in customer experience through unbiased monitoring and analysis of customer interactions; and improved employee satisfaction. Based in Seattle, Washington, HyperQuality evaluates and audits telephone, email, and chat communications between contact center professionals and customers. Using its leading-edge Web-based solution, HyperQuality provides custom-designed advice and analysis on developing customer service strategies and linking them to clients’ bottom lines.

HyperQuality believes the long-term success of any company is aligned with quality at every level. Secondly, we know that quality customer experience is a strategic corporate asset with daily impacts on the top and bottom lines.

HyperQuality’s unbiased expertise in quality assurance gives our clients the freedom and knowledge to evolve their contact center operations from cost-centers to revenue generators every day. Our methodology is proven and innovative while our data is statistically reliable and valid. And our custom-designed program of frequent reviews, calibration and specific, agent-level recommendations ensures contact center improvements and increased quality. Every day.
Why is quality care important?
  bullets Great quality helps companies retain and acquire customers.
  bullets Recognition motivates employees, making them more productive.
  bullets Knowing that management cares helps improve everything — every day.
In short, improving the quality of customer contact has a positive impact on the bottom line.
How are HyperQuality's services different?
We are targeted in what we do with a singular focus on quality. We listen and evaluate – and we do it more quickly, more accurately and better than anyone. We leverage innovative technology with deep human experience and intelligence to help our clients measure exactly where their customer service issues may be affecting financial performance. Our competitors do not have this singular mission, and few companies can do it internally due to lack of the focus and resources HyperQuality brings.

Evaluations & Monitoring

What is the benefit to outsourcing quality monitoring versus building an internal team?
  bullets More monitoring = statistically valid data.
Most companies have resources available to monitor just 2-5 calls per month. To have statistically valid results, companies must monitor more. Unfortunately, increased monitoring is time consuming and costly for most companies. Outsourcing allows for more monitoring for more valid data.
  bullets Objective evaluations
Rather than rely on internal QA monitors, who may have friends among the agents they are monitoring, outsourced monitors provide more objectivity. HyperQuality staff will provide an unbiased score for each and every agent evaluated.
  bullets More effective staffing.
Often, companies promote their best agents to QA monitors, thereby negatively affecting available call center staffing. As a result, their QA scores tend to decrease. HyperQuality ensures that your best agents remain on the phone, doing what they do best for your business.
  bullets Consistent evaluations across multiple locations.
Companies with multiple contact centers can ensure consistent evaluations across all centers. With a dedicated team monitoring and evaluating your agents, you will be able to fairly and accurately compare results, whether your contact center is in the Midwest or off-shore. In addition, monitoring and evaluations are calibrated with your own results, so you can be assured that your agents’ scores are accurate — just as if you performed them yourself.
  bullets Substantial cost savings.
The use of near-shore or off-shore labor results in significantly lower cost-per-call-monitored.
  bullets Timely and consistent evaluations.
A dedicated team focused solely on your company’s call monitoring ensures that evaluations are performed in a timely, consistent manner, rather than relegating the QA process to an “as available” staffing activity.
How do you assure privacy and security for client customer data?
At HyperQuality, security is of utmost concern. Access to data by HyperQuality employees requires a physical token in addition to a password. All employees sign both confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and any breach of these agreements is prosecuted. Once scored, client data is returned to the client server, destroyed, or retained for six months on the US-based HyperQuality servers.
What are the benefits of using ClearMetrix software?
ClearMetrix gives you reports and intelligence that go well beyond merely compiling data or verifying compliance. ClearMetrix reports include useful direction and real advice for improving agent behavior. Additional benefits include:
Flexible Software
  bullets Easy import/export options
  bullets Integrates seamlessly with any monitoring/evaluation system
  bullets Designed to ensure you’ll never outgrow the software’s capabilities
  bullets Rapid deployment throughout your enterprise
  bullets Sophisticated data encryption
  bullets  HyperQuality-PCI compliant
How much does HyperQuality cost?
HyperQuality is a cost-effective QA solution. The actual cost of HyperQuality services depends upon the length of a company’s calls, the complexity of calls, and other factors unique to each client.
Where do HyperQuality evaluations take place?
HyperQuality is a global business with corporate headquarters in Seattle. We have an offshore evaluation center in Gurgaon, India and an onshore center in Seattle. Our business model leverages innovative technology with top-notch human capital domestically and abroad.
What is the company’s view of offshore outsourcing?
We believe in the internationalization of enterprises, both big and small. The ability to leverage top-notch and affordable overseas workers helps emerging companies like HyperQuality build a platform of success. Our continued success will come full circle to benefit our clients as well as the American economy.
How does HyperQuality oversee and supervise its overseas workers?
We work hard, often, and late. Our use of email and chat technologies allows us to operate in real time — no matter the time difference.
How can HyperQuality understand every aspect of its clients' businesses?

HyperQuality assigns a dedicated team and lead to each account. This team goes through in-depth training with each client. Once the team begins to evaluate calls, team members undertake a strict calibration process to ensure we evaluate the calls as well as, if not better than, you would yourself.

However, it’s important to note HyperQuality does not attempt to understand every element of a client’s business. Instead, we focus on universal customer care initiatives, such as using customers’ names, listening and answering customers’ questions, consistently mentioning brand, saying hello, or not interrupting customers. Simply put, we do not have to understand every detail of your business to know if your customers are satisfied. In addition to universal goals, HyperQuality also focuses on clear business objectives, such as consistently capturing email addresses or offering new services.
What does a HyperEvaluation client receive?
  bullets Dedicated account team and evaluation team
  bullets 24-hour, 7 day a week service
  bullets Online reporting tool to view calls monitored, scores and feedback (Versions available for agents, supervisors and managers). HyperQuality provides measurement that improves clients’ contact center performance.
For the contact center manager, HyperQuality makes quality assurance programs less an overlooked cost center and more a long-term commitment to operational improvement, quality, revenue growth, and success for agents, managers and the company overall.
What is HyperQuality's response time?
HyperQuality provides around-the-clock customer service. Answers and schedules for remedial action are provided within 24 hours.
Who are some of HyperQuality's customers?
We work with some of the largest companies in the travel, retail, financial services and utilities industry. We are happy to provide references of current clients at any time.
How can I get more information about HyperQuality?