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Off-shoring Trends in the New Economy

Amid the media barrage about the global recession, a new kind of buzz has begun regarding off-shoring jobs. Not only are politicians making overtures about regulating off-shoring, but public sentiment seems to be moving firmly against this common practice. Has off-shoring become such a wedge issue that it’s affecting U.S. brands? Are customers creating more loyal and lucrative relationships with companies that keep customer-facing functions, including sales and support, closer to home? How can you balance your company’s need to control costs with investment in customers?

In this Webinar, HyperQuality – the leader in quality monitoring, evaluations and software analytics designed to improve customer service – will explore how to achieve ROI with off-shoring.

Call Center Management "by the numbers" with Dr. Jon Anton

Webinar ImageIn today's business climate of falling stock prices, failing businesses, and recessionary finances, all companies are focused on doing more with less. For the customer service call centers, this typically results in the following:

  • • An intense focus on head-count reduction
  • • Finding ways to improve front-line agent efficiency
  • • A goal of doing more with less
  • • Increasing sales revenue from inbound calls

Managers faced with tough decisions in these tough times are definitely turning to "the numbers." Managing by the numbers is critical and to achieve this, it is critical to have both analytical skills and enabling software to make numbers more clearly point to required action.

The purpose of this Webinar is to show what is available to enable call center performance data processing and user-friendly analytics. Attendees will learn:

  • • What are the important metrics to watch to optimize performance
  • • How to turn data into management information ensuring the right actions are taken
  • • How to improve the efficiency of a call center without major headcount reductions
  • • Actual case studies where analytics achieve results