Business Process Analysis for Call Center Process Improvement
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Benefits Of Business Process Analysis

ClearMetrix is your online quality tool, available 24/7 via web browser, that provides access to a wealth of actionable insights. From agent quality performance attributes to business drivers like CSAT, revenue and cost metrics, ClearMetrix can help streamline your entire Quality Assurance organization by providing a single, cloud solution that supports evaluation, reporting, and calibration of agent interactions. And it’s not just for supervisors: ClearMetrix features an agent-level interactive dashboard allowing agents to see their own performance.

ClearMetrix quality and performance management tool allows you to go beyond measuring quality performance to measuring customer experience for comprehensive insight into all areas of your business

With HyperQuality’s ClearMetrix, the benefits are clear:

  bullets Easy cloud access No capital expenditure is required, and secure login is available 24/7 via your web browser.
  bullets Mobile-friendly Log in via your tablet or phone.
  bullets Fully Interoperable ClearMetrix integrates with your existing recording system. Calls, emails or chat transcripts are pulled directly into the program for evaluation. Or use our cloud call recording—your choice!
  bullets User-friendly Highly intuitive web interface is easy to use and quick to master, with point and click simplicity.
Workflow Automation:
Be sure your agent interactions are being scored consistently, accurately and without bias by using ClearMetrix’ end-to-end workflow support. We build customized forms targeting your unique business drivers, and you can select from a huge catalogue of standard and infinitely customizable reports for actionable coaching and quality improvement.

Workflow Automation allows you to:

  bullets Streamline your QA process Your cloud interface supports evaluation, reporting, calibration, audit and escalation of interactions.
  bullets 360-degree quality visibility View all your customer interactions in one place, and swiftly drill down to gain insight into coaching your agents to provide an EvenBetter customer experience.
  bullets Evaluate customer interactions Attribute guidelines are incorporated into each form, so anyone using ClearMetrix can quickly gain insight into the criteria necessary to achieve the best possible quality scores.
  bullets Calibrate in the cloud Tired of wrangling cats to calibrate evaluations? Conduct hyper-efficient calibrations online with laser-like focus and automated results reporting.
  bullets Escalate automatically If an agent doesn’t agree with how an interaction was scored, ClearMetrix enables one-click online escalations to address and resolve discrepancies faster.

More than just an agent evaluation dashboard, ClearMetrix is a powerful tool for gaining actionable insight into your quality processes. Get a customized view into customer experience, operational efficiency and transactional performance at all levels of your business so you can coach your agents to be EvenBetter every day.

  bullets Interactive dashboards Use standard charts, or create your own custom charts to gain insight into important business metrics and measure agent performance, business performance, and contact effectiveness with CSAT, revenue, cost and quality metrics.
  bullets Performance alerts Interactive alerts keep you in the know: trigger alerts with specific events or thresholds so you’ll always be aware.

Choose from a plethora of standard reports, or slice and dice to customize your own reports just how you like them. Schedule and export reports to a variety of formats. Some of our standard reports include:

  bullets Agent Coaching Service Level
  bullets Attribute Comments
  bullets Attribute Trending
  bullets AutoFailure Trending
  bullets Category Summary by Call Type
  bullets Enterprise Evaluation Trending
  bullets Reconciliation by Agent
  bullets Team Performance
  bullets Training Call
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