Business Process Analysis for Call Center Process Improvement
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Benefits Of Business Process Analysis

HyperQuality evaluates telephone, email and chat interactions and provides business intelligence which equips executive teams with the measurable data they need to make important business decisions. Our team of industry-leading professionals provides our clients with accurate and timely evaluations based on criteria specific to your organization.

It’s a proven fact that evaluating the performance of your contact center agents is an effective way to improve customer service and sales efforts. HyperQuality provides the tools to help your agents provide a quality customer experience while meeting or improving service metrics.

HyperQuality’s Agent Evaluations allow you to:

  bullets Reduce costs by identifying ways to increase agent efficiency and optimize company policy, process, and infrastructure.
  bullets Improve top line revenue by identifying key opportunities within the interactions that increase conversion rates and customer retention.
  bullets Improve customer experience by identifying improvements in next contact avoidance, first contact resolution, likelihood to recommend, and customer effort.
  bullets Ensure compliance by verifying all steps in the process are followed.
  bullets Identify opportunities for agent and business improvement.
  bullets Measure and compare outsourced vendors and determine if coaching opportunities are localized with one vendor or across all vendors.
With all of the priorities in call centers, it can be difficult to evaluate agents on a frequent and consistent basis. Allowing HyperQuality to evaluate your agents ensures they are consistently evaluated and receive frequent feedback which leads to improved agent performance.
Customer interactions are evaluated based on your company's goals. Whether your goals include increasing sales conversion, monitoring compliance, improving agent performance or is a combination of all three, HyperQuality evaluates performance and recommends strategies for improvement that are specific to your company.
Whether you want to reduce costs, increase revenue or improve customer satisfaction, we can help you meet your business goals through agent evaluations. Our team listens to your calls and reads your emails or chats. We then thoroughly evaluate them, providing immediate and actionable feedback to each customer care agent. The evaluations and reporting in ClearMetrix include:

  bullets Monitored calls, emails or chat sessions for each agent
  bullets Objective feedback and ranking for every agent, team lead and manager
  bullets Trend lines for additional training to be EvenBetter™
  bullets Data and analysis for team leads and managers
  bullets Profile ranking of your agents
  bullets Individual agent scorecards
  bullets Storage of voice recordings and historical quality results
  bullets Defined parameters that evaluate applicable skills: core, soft, selling, technical, cultural, etc.
  bullets Transaction-based independent feedback
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