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We Believe in Quality

At HyperQuality, we focus on improving customer experience 24/7. We accomplish this through our proven and innovative methodology for evaluations and surveys, reliable and valid data, and quality assurance software resulting in specific recommendations from the agent to the company–wide level.

About HyperQuality

HyperQuality, a wholly owned subsidiary of Spoken Communications (www.spoken.com), is an independent quality assurance firm that delivers ROI through: improved customer contacts which help retain and acquire customers; excellence in customer experience through unbiased monitoring and analysis of customer interactions; and improved employee satisfaction. Founded in 2003 and based in Seattle, WA, the company believes strongly in two things:  

  1. Retaining and acquiring customers is tied to a company’s ability to focus on quality, and
  2. Customer care is a strategic corporate asset directly affecting the bottom line when aligned with business goals.

HyperQuality believes contact center operations can be turned from cost-centers to revenue generators with a three-part process: 

  • Perform sharp analysis on care methods with constant calibration
  • Provide reliable and valid data for agent improvement
  • Engage in a frequent and thorough review process

This unique three-part approach gives HyperQuality’s clients the freedom to improve — and prove — their customer care and contact center operations every day.

What separates HyperQuality is a singular focus on the examination of quality combined with an innovative, global, and disciplined culture.  This allows HyperQuality to deliver ROI quickly for companies seeking a sharp, data-driven analysis of their customer care strategy.

The HyperQuality Difference

Customers have come to expect perfection, and in today’s economy, no company can afford to lose customers or prospects. Growing a business — and projecting a reputation for excellence — require a consistent and sharp focus on quality.  Despite the great strides companies have made at monetizing risks versus rewards, analyzing return on investments, and increasing output and productivity, quality assurance is not a core competency for most companies.  The fact is, few companies have a way to track the ROI or business value of agent training and call monitoring.  Efforts to improve agent quality often drain additional resources without yielding benefits because they are sporadically implemented and feedback to agents is inconsistent.  HyperQuality is a trusted partner to companies in search of quality.

HyperQuality is focused on our clients’ contact center operations and overall agent improvement.  Frequent, current and accurate data gives companies the ability to determine their true return on their investment in quality. What’s more, HyperQuality helps move contact centers from cost center to revenue generator and from back-office service to sales force empowerment.

HyperQuality maintains a singular focus on quality monitoring, listening and evaluating better than any­one.  HyperQuality’s competitors do not have this singular focus.

What HyperQuality Provides

For companies…HyperQuality provides ROI through measurement, analysis and feedback to enhance contact center op­erations and improve the bottom line, as well as customized full-service consulting on customer care issues throughout the company.

For candidates…HyperQuality provides opportunities for challenge, collaboration on a new concept, and a business-focused movement for quality.

For contact center managers…HyperQuality transforms quality assurance programs from overlooked cost centers into long-term opportunities for quality, revenue growth, and, ultimately, business success.

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